Bodyvision Technology

The innovative, single-layer fabric design combines several positive properties:

Absorbency and leakage protection
Thin, comfortable fabric
Washable and reusable
Combats odours and bacteria
Dermatologically safe

Absorbency and leakage protection

BODYVISION’s special composition ensures it feels dry to the wearer’s skin. The skin-facing side of the fabric absorbs and wicks away moisture, which is then retained in the fabric’s core. The outer surface seals against external moisture, even when the wearer is sitting down or moving.

Thin, comfortable fabric

The BODYVISION fabric measures only around 3 mm in thickness, making it much more comfortable than competitor or disposable products. For users in many applications, it is barely noticeable.

Washable, reusable and sustainable

BODYVISION is made using sustainable materials and avoids the use of films and toxic substances. It is produced in such a way that avoids environmentally damaging processes. In addition, the fabric is easy to wash, giving it a huge ecological advantage over disposable products.

Breathable materials

BODYVISION uses only certified materials, including materials that ensure breathability. This protects the skin against irritations.

Dermatologically safe and skin-friendly

As BODYVISION uses only certified materials, they are also dermatologically safe. This ensures excellent material quality, while guaranteeing comfort against the skin.

Prevents odours and bacteria

BODYVISION uses only anti-bacterial and anti-odour fibres, such as Tencel and merino wool. This protects the wearer against unpleasant odours.

BODYVISION is a single-layer fabric consisting of a compound structure that serves various functions. This allows the fabric to absorb moisture quickly and thoroughly on the skin side, before retaining it in the internal absorbent core. This is achieved by combining multiple layers of material within a single spacer fabric.

The adjacent diagram shows the basic structure of BODYVISION in a cross section:

  • The layer facing the skin consists of wicking fibres that keep the skin dry and prevent moisture from leaking
  • The central layer of the fabric serves as a spacer and retains the absorbed moisture
  • The outer layer consists of a very thin, felting and hydrophobic wool that seals against moisture

© Christoph Richter, M.Sc. / Hochschule Niederrhein, University of Applied Sciences

BODYVISION was designed to be different to other  absorbent fabrics of the kind used in washable, reusable incontinence underwear.

Clever design: BODYVISION is an intelligent product. The fabrics used in competitor products consist of conventional textiles and films that have to be layered and sewn together. This leads to complex, expensive production processes and sewn fabrics that require additional sealing in order to retain the absorbed moisture.

Modular system: BODYVISION’s material composition can be easily modified for a variety of applications. This modular system therefore allows the fabric to be flexibly adjusted to the varying requirements of different product groups.

Comfort: BODYVISION is comfortable to wear. Competitor products use tapes to secure edges. After several washes, these become hard and uncomfortable to wear, and can cause skin irritation. BODYVISION avoids this through fully fashioned production.

Efficiency: BODYVISION enables quick and simple production of fully fashioned, seamless fabrics. This removes the need for many of the subsequent manufacturing steps like cutting, sewing, trimming and sealing that competitor products require.

Sustainability: BODYVISION is reusable and requires no PU coatings or synthetic films to achieve its anti-moisture properties, unlike competitor products. This further boosts the product’s level of sustainability.

Washable: BODYVISION can be washed in a washing machine together with other items. We recommend using a delicates or wool cycle.

Certification: BODYVISION uses only certified materials. Furthermore, BODYVISION is certified according to ISO 5084, 12127, 5077,11948-1 and OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 (Hohenstein HTTI, 23.HDE.45665).

The BODYVISION technology is patented. It carries the patent number 10 2020 006 022.6.