BODYVISION Technology GmbH is based in the German city of Mönchengladbach. Over the course of many years of comprehensive research, it has developed a fabric specially designed to deliver a variety of positive properties. The invention is also protected by patent. Known as “BODYVISION”, the technology can be used in a wide range of product applications that can permanently improve quality of life for millions of people.

The BODYVISION membrane is a single-layer fabric consisting of a compound structure that combines absorbency with leakage protection. Thin and comfortable to wear, it is easy to wash, reusable and environmentally friendly. It is also breathable and dermatologically safe, and combats odours and bacteria.

Although initially developed and intended for use in incontinence products, the fabric can be adapted for various other applications and products thanks to a modular design. The company aims to expand into areas including clinics and hospitals, sport, the military and pet supplies.

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"The developed BODYVISION technology is due to its characteristics patentable and differentiates itself in essential points from existing patents."

— Hans Martin Götz, Founder

The innovative, single-layer fabric design combines several positive properties.

BODYVISION technology was developed in 2020 as the result of many years of collaboration between BODYVISION Technology GmbH and the Faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology at the Hochschule Niederrhein university.

The special design of the technology enables modular construction that can be adapted to the requirements of various applications and product groups.

The technology is patent protected under the name “BODYVISION Technology” (BODYVISION). This name is derived from the vision of a revolutionary new fabric that can be used in a variety of clothing innovations to permanently and sustainably improve quality of life in many areas.

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Absorbency and leakage protection

Thin, comfortable fabric

Washable and reusable


Combats odours and bacteria

Dermatologically safe

BODYVISION Technology boasts a variety of positive properties that make it suitable for use in various areas.  In order for the technology to quickly achieve its economic potential, BODYVISION Technology GmbH plans to focus on a number of particularly promising markets.

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The internationally renowned Faculty of Textile and Clothing Technology at the Hochschule Niederrhein university combines specialist education with cutting-edge research and development activities.

BODYVISION Technology GmbH contacted the faculty in 2018, in order to find solutions in the area of washable incontinence underwear and drive product development.
The collaboration began by investigating the weaknesses of an established competitor product.

In July 2019, a joint project was started, in which the Hochschule Niederrhein developed the BODYVISION fabric based on a comprehensive analysis of competitor products and its own research.A patentable technology was developed in August 2020, whose properties make it suitable for use in further areas.

Additional collaboration projects with the Hochschule Niederrhein related to BODYVISION are currently ongoing and will unlock further research results.

A conservative estimate based on these numbers shows that BODYVISION underwear products have the potential to achieve a market share of 5%. We therefore arrive at sales of 11.5 m euros for light incontinence products and 10.8 m euros for products combating moderate incontinence.

— Ann-Catherin Büschkens-Götz, Organisations & Operations

The five largest markets for incontinence products generate a total of around 4.8 bn euros. Germany ranks fifth among the top global markets.


Source: Nielsen (2020; Statista (2020)

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  • Continued development of BODYVISION Technology

  • Inclusion of BODYVISION Technology in the medical and care aids catalogue

  • Ensure sustainable production

  • Establish BODYVISION Technology in various market segments through partner businesses

  • Fit BODYVISION with sensors

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Niederrhein University develops Bodyvision
New Patent Meets All Requirements and Classifications for the First Time

Medical and Healthcare - Modular Incontinence Prevention

Bodyvision presents breakthrough development for multiple uses and announces first individual textile solution for light incontinence:  Bodyvision Mwear

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“We are currently developing more innovative technologies and patents for textile solutions.“

— Lara Zampese, Managing Director

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