“BODYVISION” is the result of many years of research and development work. This innovative and revolutionary single-layer fabric consists of a compound structure that ensures excellent absorbency and leakage protection, while also being environmentally friendly and easy to produce. Alongside these properties, the fabric prevents odours and bacteria.

The fabric was initially developed solely for use in incontinence products like underwear. It has massive potential in this area thanks to its innovative construction and advantages over existing disposable and competitor products.

Alongside light bladder weakness, BODYVISION technology is also intended for use against moderate urinary incontinence. The company therefore aims to have it included in the medical or care aids catalogue, so that the associated costs can be refunded by elderly care and health insurance providers.

The aim is for BODYVISION to become established both nationally and internationally as a cutting-edge technology, sold in the various markets under licence and through private labels.

Development of cutting-edge textile solutionsResearch and production of patentable, functional textiles for various applications, including incontinence, healthcare, sport, pets, military and more


The people who will go on to found Bodyvision Technology GmbH discuss a cooperation with a Portuguese producer, focusing on the development of a revolutionary new washable and absorbent underwear for use against incontinence and bladder weakness.


Initial plans are made for a dedicated sales channel for the new product, intended as a part of the founding family’s existing textile business focusing
on underwear and sportswear.


Contractual discussions with the Portuguese manufacturer are followed by an unsuccessful test phase for the product. The severe quality defects
lead to planning being suspended.


A quality check of all existing incontinence products on the market reveals significant defects throughout. This is followed by the termination of the initiated sales channel.


New impetus for the idea of developing a dedicated line of washable incontinence underwear. This focuses on improving existing competitor products through a suitable combination of materials.


Foundation of BODYVISION Technology GmbH, with the goal of developing and marketing a revolutionary new fabric for use in incontinence products. Research cooperation for product development begins with the Hochschule Niederrhein, University of Applied Sciences, alongside market analyses.


The founding family funds a research and development project by the Hochschule Niederrhein, University of Applied Sciences. This is followed by an analysis of competitor products and the development of an innovative, reusable and environmentally friendly compound fabric.


The technology is registered and patented under the name BODYVISION.


BODYVISION Technology GmbH begins sales.

Lara ZampeseManaging Director

Lara Zampese completed her master’s degree in international business in Sweden in 2008, before developing her skills in sales, marketing and customer satisfaction in Italy. After working in export management from 2009 to 2013, she founded a business in Romania in 2014 and acted as managing director until 2018. In this role, she selected and marketed international brands in eastern Europe, and led the sales and marketing team. Between 2015 and 2018, she also worked as a consultant at Visionnaire Consulting GmbH. She became managing director of BODYVISION Technology GmbH in 2017. Here, she is responsible for research & development, quality management, corporate social responsibility and supply chain management.

Languages: Italian (native language), English, German, French, Spanish, Russian

Ann-Catherin Büschkens-GötzOrganisations & Operations

Ann-Catherin Büschkens-Götz gained business experience early on in life. After completing her high school diploma with a focus on business, she began a commercial apprenticeship. In 2020, she successfully completed a degree in business studies, focusing on marketing and HR management. During her degree, she became managing director of Visionnaire Consulting. She has been supporting BODYVISION Technology GmbH since 2020 in organisations and operations.

Languages: German (native language), English, Dutch, French